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Is Your Resume Great?

Have you ever wondered why your resume didn’t get a response? You know you have the education, the skills and experience and yet no emails or calls to invite you for an interview! The problem might be in your presentation.

Yes, you read that correct. You’ll find loads of online resources which will guide you on how to write a resume. This post is not about that. We, at ITD Canada want to offer some simple suggestions  on how to make your resume stand out. So, pull up your resume before you read further and ask yourself the following questions before you send out that resume again.

  • Is your resume position focused or industry focused? One size fits all no longer works and has never worked for a good resume. So, make sure you edit your resume each time you apply for a particular job.
  • Is your resume a Functional one? We highly recommend using a Functional Resume since they talk directly about your experience. Functional resumes  present experience and skill sets that are relevant to the job you are applying for, giving you the liberty to leave out everything inconsequential. For example, if you are Business Graduate applying for a Business Analyst position, you will present work experience (paid and/or unpaid) related to the job. You may have worked in various places as a part-time food server or a tutor, but these are not relevant and you will leave them out.
  • Does your resume use keywords? Though we may not have statistics to prove this, employers do use programs/softwares to scan resumes for relevant keywords. You want to ensure that you use keywords that are relevant to the job description. This means, you MUST always read the job description carefully. Spread your keywords across your education, experience and achievements
  • Does your Resume have a Simple Format? Don’t use colors or designs in your resume. It HAS TO BE SIMPLE. Keep it simple and keep in professional
  • Are you using Social Media? An increasing number of employers prefer to cross-reference your skills and experience online. So, if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, you may be losing out on that interview call.

Click here’s a great read on writing a simple but great resume ( 

Click here to read more on when you need a Functional Resume(


Network Your Way To That Dream Career

Most dream jobs and great jobs are outcomes of networking. Considering that we cannot be at the right place, at the right time “all the time,” it is good to have a good network spanning various industries and countries. Besides getting your a job, networking can also help with the following:

  • Improving current career
  • Leads, referrals for your existing job
  • Research about a career, industry
  • Recommendations
  • Information source for potential employer, employee, company or client

Networking – How to get started?

Whether you know it or not, you have been networking most of your life. Whether it is to enquire about a college you want to study in or to be part of a popular club, we all network. When it comes to your career, however, networking needs to have a more professional approach. Here are some suggestions and tips to help you get started

1. Identify Your Network

  • Figure out who is currently part of your network – friends, family, colleagues, classmates
  • If you are not connected to them, reach out and establish a connection
  • Let them know you are currently looking for a job or a career switch or simply want referrals
  • Keep In Touch and Establish a Mutually Supportive Relationship

2. Use LinkedIn

3. Attend Job Fairs, Career Fais

  • These are great ways to meet employers and other job seekers
  • Take a few copies of your resume and your Business Cards

4. Volunteer

  • Volunteer work is a great way to meet new people
  • You give back to the society and widen your network
  • Even if you take time out only on the weekends for  this, it will help in the long run

5. Look for Opportunities

  • What you have above are just some suggestions
  • Keep on the lookout for opportunities – they could come through a friend or a social gathering or a newsletter.
  • Keep your eyes and ears open; take a chance


Introducing ITD Canada’s Placement Cell

AT ITD Canada, we plan ahead. That is why we have a dedicated placement team that focuses on getting “you” the right co-op position. The process of finding and locking the right co-op position starts  in the first semester of classes. Starting early means you have ample time to identify jobs that you may be interested in and prepare for the application phase.

Watch this space carefully. We will have regular write-ups on how to write resumes and cover letters, prepare for  interviews, take advantage of networking sessions and the like.


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